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Imagine 40,000 car seats sitting end to end…

They would stretch from Auckland’s Queen Street to Manukau. That’s the minimum number of car seats that expire every year in New Zealand.

Don’t let your expired or damaged car seat end up in landfill or be sold.

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How and Why

Why recycle your car seat?

Expired or damaged car seats are a potential resource that is wasted by being thrown into landfill.

Disassembly, recycling and repurposing can also create jobs and provide opportunities for social and commercial enterprises.

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What seats are accepted?

Any brand of booster, convertible seat or capsule.

Sorry, no polystyrene seats, snap and go’s or other car seat acccessories are accepted.  Limit of 4 seats per customer.

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Is there a cost to recycle?

A small fee of $10 (RRP) per seat is required to collect and recycle seats for recycling.
Costs are kept as low as possible thanks to assistance or funding from SeatSmart participants and supporters.

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What happens to the seats?

Up to 90% of seat materials (by weight) are recyclable.

Plastic, metal, harnesses – they can all have a second life.

What happens to them?

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